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May | 20 | Vikings and The Long Boats of The Lord.


Vikings and The Long Boats of The Lord

Acts 17:6,7
 But when they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some brethren to the rulers of the city, crying out, "These who have turned the world upside down have come here too. Jason has harbored them, and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king — Jesus." NKJV 

 I rarely do this, but I had far too much oven baked Camembert, French bread, chocolate and peanuts these last few days. I am just recovering…..Yuk. Why? Well, since WWII, once a year, the nations of Europe get together for a song contest. No it’s true! You see, after what has been estimated by some to be over 100 million war dead on that continent in the 20th century, such a competition was sought to both prosper understanding and acceptance of national differences and singing together beats killing each other for sure. For me, despites its plastic facade, ‘Eurovision’ a bigger spectacle than the Olympics, European cup and FA cup finals all rolled into one, after all, when you can't polish a turd the best thing to do is roll it in glitter! And let me tell you, you have never seen so much glitter gazed at by around 125 million people. I laugh out load for nearly 4 hours.

For those who see past the singing and dancing to all the real political and social interplay portrayed there; the whole ‘set piece’ of the programming publicly pushes all the driving forces of current popular culture down the watchers and the listeners throats! This year, 2013, a smorgasbord of current culture was pushed down our throats by Switzerland in a public display of ‘woman on woman’ kissing, ‘man on man’ kissing, and at the very front, gazing adoringly on to the main stage, what looked like a rabid ‘mosh pit’ scene from the gay proms. ‘Dancing queens’ indeed.

Betwean the end of the contest and the scores announcement, whilst the votes were being counted in the interlude, Compare and Comedienne, ‘Petra Mede’ produced a little vocal ditty which tried to convey her own countries culture and that of Europe's. It was very illuminating when she sang:

 "Our roles are reversing - our daddies are nursing - in all of our cities the men have no titties but they still say at home to raise the kids - and the girls can handle the balls with the best kick line of them all" 

The following verse finished with a line of butch sporty women, a gay marriage and the man on man kiss, all to loud cheers led by the ‘mosh pit’ queens. Now, “In all of our cities the men have no titties but they still say at home to raise the kids’ is a line you are not so easily going to forget! It might be both an observation and even an affirmation of this western role reversal but like it or not, it is killing our societies and leaving many young men adrift in a feminised society that offers them no hope.

Again, on this very day in 2013, the UK parliament, once more tried to pass an unpopular bill on ‘gay marriage’, whilst at the same time the Church of Scotland debated on whether or not to allow openly and active gay men to be ministers. if this was not bad enough, some of the current ‘evangelical lights’ had already designed their own wedding ceremony for the sanctifying of sodomites in marriage and many, if not most, of the UK’s Evangelicals have already quietly re-interpreted Biblical gender leadership roles under the banner of a ‘spiritually politically correct but most corrupt ‘Culturally relevant-Kingdom’ theology.

 I wonder if, after 2,000 years of Christianity on the European and American continent, the problems exhibited among our societies are almost always down to us. I wonder if it is the church who are to blame for the state of family deconstruction, and societal collapse? You see, if we truly are the revolving hub around which the universe so presently rotates, then with respect to gender roles, the church has so obviously compromised the male gender leadership message of the Bible, that it is evident that the spokes are now breaking off that increasingly faster rotating wheel of time, and ‘soon and very soon’ we just might crash into an ever widening truly misogynistic ditch of another religions making.

The Gospel message to our cities is the same it has always been you know"Repent and believe the Gospel" ….… and should REAL revival come through the preaching of the Word, should there indeed be a 'fresh outpouring' from God Most High, the evidence will not be seen inside the four walls of some sad shed on an industrial estate or even in the plush suites of Pensacola beach, no, real revival shall be evidenced in such a cultural role reversal, such an upsurge of Biblical order, that it will be revolutionary in content and destructive in design! Listen up now, “In a POST CHRISTIAN or PRECHRISTIAN environment real revival has always been marked by trouble.”

 I ask you to consider today then, that whilst respectable Evangelicals are still settling for quietness and peace, it might just be that God's after causing some 'trouble'? Maybe the question we have to ask ourselves is “Do we have any men left in our churches who are the instigators of such holy trouble?” If the answer is no, them maybe those kingdom taking maurauders no longer sit in the long boats of the Lord? Indeed, maybe the Vikings have now long since left the building.

Listen:- And they troubled the crowd and the rulers of the city when they heard these things. Acts 17:8

Pray: - Father, raise up once more those hairy men of old, those rough shirted warriors who have counted the cost in following you; those big sea salted broad shouldered men of old who put their backs into gathering fish. Amen & amen.

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