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May | 28 | Taking Comfort In The Dark side of The Divine


Taking Comfort In The Dark side of The Divine

1 Kings 19:18 
Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.

Does God need a disaster recovery plan? Does God need a billion disaster recovery plans for each one of his failing children throughout the ages? Does a person in Sovereign control need a plan for disaster? Maybe I am asking the wrong question here and asking it from the position of a mere microbe even. So, maybe a better question should spring from the obvious disasters in our lives and from those points of disaster, yes, maybe we should ask, "If/when disaster should come upon us, does God have the capacity to recover the vision, the mission, and me and mine?"

Now, in terms of internet technology there is not time today to look at the history of the rise of optical dark fiber networks, suffice to say that the available of unused bandwidth and unused optical cables led to a rise in the term ‘dark fiber’ and this, together with the evolution of the Data Center and the parallel development of Disaster Recovery, led to the rise of Dark Data Centers; that is, operationally ready but unused and hidden facilities which could be switched on should the functioning unit be in some way ‘destroyed’ . With that of course, came the Dark Websites, all waiting to go live in an instant, to report to shareholders and other interested parties, what the CEO and the company were doing to restore communication and recover any losses. In terms of maintaining mission, you see, continued customer communication is paramount.

In the background of daily work therefore, wise Companies invest vast amounts of time and money in the preparation and maintenance of all things ‘Dark.’ From a purely human perspective, there is, I think, a Dark side to the Divine. In God’s ‘A’ plan, for I do not believe He has a plan ‘B’, there is obviously prepared capacity and bandwidth, even an accommodation for human failing. No matter how big the disaster, God has His Dark side ready to be switched on, ready to take over, ready to come on line, should He so wish.

 To those pressing on, my counsel is this: Where we can avoid disaster, we should. Where we can prepare for disaster, we should. However, when the action is not sinful but the outcome is unpredictable, yes, when the command is clear but the backup solutions are negligible even seemingly absent, then we must press on regardless anyhow, taking comfort in the preordained preparations of the Dark side of the Divine. 

Listen:-  "Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life"?  But what does the divine response say to him? "I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal."  Even so then, at this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace. Romans 11:3-5 

 Pray: -  Father, help me neither to be stupid nor presumptuous. Father, help me not to invoke wisdom and preparation as excuses for disobedience and cowardice. Father, in all things help me to be obedient to the leadings of Your Holy Spirit and then Lord, as each step on the way is committed you in acknowledgement of our need and Your grace, direct our paths for Your glory and our safety in Jesus name, Amen and amen.

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