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Jun | 08 | We are she


We are she

Song of Solomon 4:12
A garden enclosed Is my sister, my spouse, A spring shut up, A fountain sealed.

I am writing this insights as a man, a bloke, a geezer and I must say that am feeling very peculiar in the so doing, for this virgin view of the church is a very mystical one for sure, but there is a blessing in the consideration of the same, so I hope you will join me in this ‘hymenic’ breaking consideration and remember that I am speaking of the church and her Lord, of both you and of me, and of Jesus our King.

Our text for today speaks of a female virgin, and paints her as being more than someone who has not had sexual intercourse. Indeed, a female virgin, the best state of all brides, is someone whose totality of intimate affections has been reserved to be poured upon her beloved and best betrothed.

Yes, our text for today is the best of all poetic eulogizing of the virgin bride, and so much so, that it is worthy to consider just how this is also emblematic of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, for I think that we too are preserved and virgin like, ready for all the first-fruit delights of heaven to be given to us, and that even laid up in us that there are also untold delights awaiting for us to give to Christ. Think about that.

So, let me say again, that when we consider the makeup of the body of Christ, redeemed sinners of every kind and the even the worst of every kind, it’s a remarkable thing to consider that Jesus considers us the church to be His ‘virgin bride’, a body which He has yet to taste and experience all the delights of being His bride and may I say, a body in which He too has yet to see us in all our glory and taste the delights which are in us.

The church is an enclosed garden of delights (SOS 6:2, 11), even the unsullied well of Jesus and His very own spring (Prov 5:15-18 & Rev 21:27), sealed and preserved, sealed and reserved by the earnest of God the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 1:22). We, the church, are in many respects still in the tomb as it were and yet we are alive! Yes, we even bud and flower and fruit and yes, we are even attended by angels! Nevertheless, in great, great respect, we are still residing in that rock sealed tomb waiting for the resurrection even the great adoption and the great unveiling of all we individual parts of the body and the church as whole shall be! Glorious, like and army with banners and much, much more besides!

May I suggest to you today that we are exceptionally ignorant of all the glorious delights, which are laid up in us to give to God in the ages to come. This salvation bestowed upon us, this immersion of us by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ has made us and so will reveal in us, more that we ever could conceive or contemplate. May I also suggest to you today that it is only then, at the revelation of our truly virgin state, when in full union with Christ the hymenic veil shall be torn from top to bottom and the pleasures stored at His right hand shall be poured upon us forever more and those treasures laid up in us, shall be finally and eternally released.

My friend, you would not naturally know it, but the church is so sanctified and cleansed that it is a virgin of majestic beauty. Creation groans in anticipation and longing for the revelation of this virgin Bride, heaven is awesomely hushed in preparing for the coming Jubilee, whilst all the intrigued angels look on and wonder and all hell trembles in seeing the vision of the city of God come down to earth. Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, none of your senses has any comprehension of the glories yet to come from the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Our faith offers us but one virgin in the afterlife and we are she.

Listen:- For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18-39

Pray: -  Father, how can we mud dwellers see beyond the surface scum of this present and pitiful pond unless we look down in Your word. So illuminate our hearts and mind and help us contemplate so great a cleansing, so great a gifting and so great an unwrapping yet to come. oh let the glories yet to come, empower us with joy in this all-consuming mud, that golden steps of hope would lead us up and out of all the sloughs of our despondency. Amen and amen.

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