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Jun | 13 | The early day coffee shop of the Bright Morning Star


The early day coffee shop of the Bright Morning Star

Isaiah 26:8,9
Yes, in the way of Your judgments, O Lord, we have waited for You; The desire of our soul is for Your name And for the remembrance of You. With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early; For when Your judgments are in the earth, The inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. NKJV

I keep referring to this I know, but I am old enough to remember watching a black and white TV whose programming went on at a particular time and went off at another, the night time shut down always being preceded by a drum roll and the national anthem before the picture collapsed like a tiny star into a small dot at the center of the green cathode ray tube. I remember a time when the world was afforded time to contemplate and time to consider its purpose, its pleasures and its end.

By choice, practice and discipline, I am a 4:40 man. I rise each day at 4:40am. I enjoy these times of day for in the 21st century though many people love the night, very few folk love the mornings. Indeed, if you want to, you can feel the rising disdain for the day and the reluctance to embrace it, groaning together beneath a million shoulder tugged duvets. For me though, to watch the night plunge its hands into its trouser pockets and trudge home grumpily toward the West, kicking all the cans of the fading moonlight along its path as it winds its way through all the stuff the world has left lying around from the day before, is a great sight indeed, yes, it lends itself to some silent staring and coffee and contemplation. I have grown to love these morning times.

After writing a most moving departure note which he left to his wife, Jonathan Edwards, that ‘Great American Awakener,’ aged just 54 years, left this breathed out life with both an honest observation and a great expectation. He said: “Trust in God and you need not fear,” and more wonderfully, “Now, where is Jesus of Nazareth, my true and never-failing friend.” I love that.

In cities that never sleep, the reluctant mornings are still the best times of the day, when the world and its demands are diminished to a dot. They are times when the national anthem of heaven can still be so clearly heard, yes, they are times when you can rise from your own slumber and declare “Bring on the day for I trust in God and I shall not fear” yes, they are the quiet time of the coming day when you can brush your teeth, make your coffee, grab your Bible and your seat in your own quiet corner and say with expectant glee, each and every brand new day, “Now, where is Jesus of Nazareth, my true and never-failing friend.”

Discipline is a mark of true spirituality. Desire is a mark of what you consider pleasing, precious, valuable, and worthy. In these Lukewarm and tepid days, Christian conversation, especially amongst the remaining males of the church, is marked mostly with the absence of such a desirous looking for the Lord, and the fat flabbiness of a great spiritual lethargy. I tell you, tonight though, that if you want to be a muffin top man whose mouth is full of nonsense, then just sleep on my friend, yes, just keep on sleeping on.

Desire and discipline are covalent sparks. Choose one and you shall get the other. Man of God, I say choose one and you shall get the other! The morning hours await you and if you embrace them, they shall prepare you for the day and prepare you for heaven. Choose one by setting the alarm clock an hour earlier than usual. Do it now for I wonder if the resting God who never sleeps nor slumbers enjoys His own cup of coffee in the mornings and in the so doing, is always pleased to welcome friends to own His fresh morning table? Yes, I think the Son of God loves these early morning hours, indeed, isn’t one of His best and brightest names indicative of this?

Listen:- "….. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star." Revelation 22:16 NKJV

Pray: - “Now, where is Jesus of Nazareth, my true and never-failing friend.”

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