Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct | 03 | Dreamy Doodles

Key Word:- HAPPY

Title:- Dreamy Doodles

Psalm 126:1,2 When the LORD brought back the captivity of Zion, We were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter,….

Why does trying to capture the humanity of Christ make us feel like we are verging toward blasphemy? Maybe it’s because that if we can capture His humanity in our imaginations, in word pictures, or in our watercolors and oils, then surely we might catch a glimpse of Divinity, a ‘picture of God’ that in turn we might cosset, keep and worship? A graven image carved with our own thoughts no less, in the wooden concepts of our finite minds. Maybe that’s why we fail to ponder fully the humanity of Christ.

However, wasn’t the whole purpose of the incarnation to bring the infinite and the eternal down to us? In Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form. Imagine that. In bodily form! He is indeed the Incarnate one, the God clothed in flesh, the God near at hand, even at our very elbow; yes for sure, Christ Jesus is our Immanuel, God with us.

So, as we embrace the humanity of Jesus, we do indeed gaze into the Infinite, the Eternal and the Divine. May I venture then today, to dream and doodle for you, a forgotten picture of Jesus? It’s something I conjured up, but I wonder, you know, I just wonder…?

You see, it’s true that in the New Testament there is no record of Jesus laughing and smiling. Yet everyday God smiles in the love etched creases of kissed and cuddled babies. God smiles in every ray from the warm and golden sun which breaks forth from behind those dark clouds. God smiles in the heavy gait of the Hippopotamus, his goofy face, his ridiculously mouse like ears planted atop an ‘Ayres Rock’ size head! God laughs in yapping puppies, in shiny things, in hot drinks on cold nights, in silly sheep on shepherds shoulders, in stinking prodigals waking up in pig troughs, Oh yes! I believe God laughs and dances in front of the singing sons of the morning, all the time!

In my 'dreamy doodle' I might suggest to you that God laughs more than we do, and with so much continuing and bursting happiness, that at times, He cannot contain Himself. So much so, that maybe He laughs in what we might consider to be, the most inappropriate of places. Someone wrote :

And God laughed!

And I said, “It wasn't really funny?”
And He said “No,”
And tried to conceal a giggle.

And then, again He took my hand,
And this time,
He roared!

And I smiled.

I smiled at God laughing,
Slapping my back
And hugging me.

And then,
Drawing back at arms length,
He took me by my shoulders
And looked me in my eyes.

And God laughed again!


Friend, could God’s delight in your continuing awakening, your continuing redemption, your continuing changing from Glory into Glory, could Him seeing His Son each new day reflected more and more in your being, and the confounding of all the evil schemes of the enemy now turned into your good; the leprous spot washed clean, your peace springing forth from anguish, your hope climbing out of despair, your strength bulging up from weakness, your life leaping out of death! Could these things and a thousand more, cause God to roar with laughter? My ‘dreamy doodle’ says, “You betcha, You betcha baby!”

My prayer for you today then is that the ‘Laughing Lion of Heaven’ might leap on you in happy roaring and rolling surprise and rough you up a bit in His outrageous embrace.

Listen:- “He will yet fill your mouth with laughing, And your lips with rejoicing.” Job 8:21

Pray: - O Lord, help me to know Your loud laughter in my life, for I believe that Christ my righteous mediator has washed away my sin, removed my reproach and filled all of heaven and eternity, with laughing surprises laid up for the children of the Most High God.


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