Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct | 17 | Shades of ‘Jesus’

Key Word:- OBEY

Title:- Shades of ‘Jesus’

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.

A soldier, a peacekeeper, somewhere in a worn torn country, gingerly makes his way through the blackened shell of a now grotesquely, gutted house. The quietness and the too familiar smell hits him as he approaches the cracked open door of the inner room. Rifle at the ready, he slips in and beholds the carnage. Before the small child’s remains, his very being crumples like pressed paper and from his angry mouth slips the words, “Oh Jesus.”

The house seemed empty. Her 50th Birthday and no one had remembered. The children had flown the coop years ago, and were now across country, far, far away, taking care of their own families and business. He had taken their red Coupe, all their savings, found a younger model and after 30 years of marriage, was taking care of the other woman’s family now. No one, it seemed, cared for her. The Sunday school had helped and the pills, some, but there seemed nothing that could take away the pain of returning to an empty house, an empty bed. She flicked the switched and the roar of the word hit her “Surprise!”.  Leaping up from behind the furniture, underneath balloons and banners and falling streamers, were the happy faces of her children, her grandchildren and her dearest friends. Faces full of care, now filled the aching void of her tired mind. She lifted up her hands and pressed her shaking fingers to her cheeks cupping her astonished jaw and out slipped the wondrous words, “Oh Jesus.”

The X rays were not clear. The mass was visible even to the untrained eye. The doctors words echoed in the distance, and seemed to be heard from an unreal and ‘other’ place. “I’m so sorry, we shall do all we can of course but…….” Staring straight ahead, his astonished facial muscles were fixed in unbelief, yet his mouth still moved and out slipped the words again, “Oh Jesus.”

Not far way in another building, a brand new father is given a tiny bundle. His wife lays exhausted, sweaty and smiling on the bed before him, but in the blanket wriggles a new life, full of energy. Things will never be the same again. With two fingers he gently pulls back the blanket and reveals the new pink flesh, the damp black hair and the palest, bluest eyes. He shakes his head and tastes the salty tear that has rolled down his cheek and slipped into the corner of his smile. With a sigh he says, “Oh Jesus.”

To His dearly beloved, to His chosen children; His name alone is prayer poured fourth. The new man, the hidden heart, moved by the Holy One indwelling us, takes His wonderful name and whether birthed upon our lips in anger, in despair, or in happiness, or thankfulness, takes that saving name, and be it from our mountain tops of exultation, or our darkest morgues of mourning, sets it in its many shades of clear and spoken colours; carefully shaping it, into pleading petitions, arrows of thankfulness, cries for mercy, calls for help, courage, clarity, or closeness and gently lays them before the Mighty throne of God most High. “Oh Jesus,” “Oh Jesus,” “Oh Jesus.”

Listen:- Your name is ointment poured forth; …….S.O.S. 1:3b

Pray: - Lord. When words are not enough, let me find Your name alone to be more than enough. Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, amen.


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