Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct | 29 | 'Calling, Capacities and Cups of Tea!'

Key Word:- FOCUS

Title:- 'Calling, Capacities and Cups of Tea!'

2 Corinthians 10:13,14  We, however, will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed us — a sphere which especially includes you. For we are not overextending ourselves……….

I had actually gotten to the end of the last book of the series! Finally, I fumbled through the last few pages entitled, 'about the author,' to find that he'd written over 30 books and had them translated into 50 languages. Impressive! He'd also attained a doctorate from one prestigious Seminary and a Masters from another world famous institution, and that, in a completely separate discipline. Wow! He'd also pastored for many years, one of his country's fastest growing churches which was now spanning several locations; founded a couple of accredited high schools and networked together a bunch of others; he was also a much sought after international speaker, father of five children (all in the ministry) married to his beautiful wife for 35 years (who didn't look at day over forty in the picture), had eleventeen grandchildren, yes eleventeen godly little poppets, all of which visited regularly and had a great and respectful time with grandpapa, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas when they rejoiced together at his holiday home in the Florida Keys.
The author was also a world recognized specialist in his field, writing for several magazines and appearing on many talk shows despite for the last 20 years, speaking faithfully and daily on his own radio and T.V show. And if that wasn't enough, the information also reported that he enjoyed 'snow skiing, water skiing, mountain climbing, motorbike riding, mahjong, marching in the Rockies, as well as canoeing and golfing among his many leisure activities. Good grief Charlie Brown! Reading this dust cover led me to think that this man must be on a stunning combination of viagra and crystal methamphetamine!

I was in my special reading room at the time of reading all this. So after closing the book and placing it back on the white porcelain shelf, I pulled my pants up, flushed ( it seemed appropriate), washed my hands and stumbled blurry eyed into the kitchen. If I didn't get hot tea with two sugars in the next few minutes, my right eye, which at the moment refused to follow my left in fully opening, would remain in this rebellious and redundant position all day. Arriving at my computer I cleared some clutter to place the cup down, (one day I would defeat these papers that constantly mocked me from my overflowing desk) when the mundane tasks of the day, like yapping puppies, began to remind me of their need for attention. Time to add to the list: vehicle tag chasing, teeth brushing, (must remember to floss today) fence mending (after the argument I had with my wife yesterday, that was going to take some time, after all, I had a lot of humble pie to eat, again!...), food finding (we needed to shop), feet washing (I had a couple of pastoral visits), and financing. Ah financing. Another red letter to deal with. Yes better get to that today. Then, work on my message for Sunday, write, be victorious, and rule and reign in Jesus precious name. Amen! After just one more cup of tea, I shall begin to do just that and especially take authority over this blessed paper work!

I opened up my electronic personal organizer and the items above my most recent list (additions which I had failed to deal with yesterday and the day before by the way) had also turned 'outstanding red' on my digitised task list. I hated those exclamation marks the computer insisted on placing alongside the overdue items. They looked like that rude gesture the well groomed little woman in the large Landrover threw my way just yesterday, when I stormed out of the house after the argument and maybe wasn't driving as attentively as I should. Oh dear. I was so angry. It was just a little bird the well groomed Landrover lady threw me but it hurt and it was all I could do to bless her through my gritted teeth! It wasn’t a good day yesterday and today wasn’t looking so promising.

The day had not even started, and truly, I wanted to just to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and escape once more into the warm darkness of unconscious thought. Mahjong, mountain climbing and motor biking indeed! I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day! Maybe, if I got a personal secretary, a better computer, more respectful kids, a proper job that paid well, an understanding wife, a faithful car that had well under 100,000 on the clock instead of well over; and maybe if I got; and maybe if I went; and maybe if I did; and wait, wait! What I needed was to stop. Stop comparing myself. It's always bad news when we do that, isn't it? And we all do it. No, what I needed was to focus on my three C's. My divine calling, my personal capacity, and as many cups of tea as was needed for me to function effectively. 'Calling, Capacities and Cups of Tea!' This was enough for me.

Dear friend, find out what is 'enough' for you today to function effectively in the field to which you are divinely called. This is enough. Enough for anyone. (PS. Don’t believe everything you read on the dust covers of books, especially if they are Christian, for far too many ministers and their publishers have the gift of exaggeration!). Now go on, measure your capacity, get on with your calling and go put the kettle on.

Listen:- .. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 2 Cor 10:12

Pray: - Oh Lord, my Lord, love me today and let me rest in You and Lord please make sure I have as many cups of tea as I need to make it through the day, in Jesus name I pray, amen.


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