Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct | 25 | Non Nobis & Te Deum

Key Word:- WORSHIP

Title:- Non Nobis & Te Deum

Psalm 115:1 Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, But to Your name give glory,

It was today in 1415 when Harry, the young King of England was forced to engage an overwhelmingly massive French army. The Hundred Years War now played itself out on the Field of Agincourt in Northern France. Just eight weeks previously 11,000 English soldiers had laid siege to the town of Harfleur in Normandy. Disease and battle casualties had reduced the English force to no more than 5,000 men. At Agincourt the now exhausted archers, knights and men at arms faced a mighty and fresh French force of 20,000 men.

The restricted battlefield minimized any mounted maneuvering of the French and their heavy horse and armour found them floundering in the rising mud; their over confidence; the secret weapon of the English longbow; the violence of the English abroad, etc and so forth, have all become sources of enquiry as to why on that day, 6,000 French lay dead against 400 Englishmen, amidst one of the most recognized ‘great military victories’.

Henry V after further conquest, would just five years later, be recognized as heir to the French throne and regent of France. At the height of his power Henry would die of camp fever near Paris. The rest, as they say, is history.

Shakespeare, in writing of this great victory, has the bloody King of England marvelling at the overwhelming victory and replying to Captain Fluellen, insisted that the numbers of the French dead may only be reported, providing it be acknowledged that ‘God fought for us.’ To emphasize this thought the King commands the singing of two well known songs: ‘Non Nobis Domine’ and 'Te deum laudamus'; ‘Not unto us be the glory’, and ‘You, God we praise.’

The English had obviously expected defeat at such an overwhelming encounter, so a corresponding overwhelming victory led them to but one conclusion: God fought for them. Acknowledging that the French warrior mystic, Joan of Arc would also come to the same conclusion concerning later French victories over the English, it would be foolish to attribute just whose side God was on, if any! Today that is not my point but rather, my point is this: We must give honour and praise and glory where honour praise and glory are due. We must be sober enough to accept the praise that is rightfully ours and careful enough not to let it puff us up and blow us out! More so though, we must be careful and quick in acknowledging the gracious and intervening hand of God in our lives. Let us be careful not to take what is not ours. For example, have you noticed that beauty, majesty, thunder and lightening all illicit a natural awe to break out upon our lips? For every morning glory and every sunset star is His and everything before, during and after that, which is worthy of any praise should be acknowledged and given thanks for.

While we inhabit space and time we have an opportunity to give glory, that is, acknowledged worth and great honour to our Jesus. We should acknowledge His immense creative and upholding power. We Christians should be increasingly noisy about this and in this, for at the moment the earth grows ever and increasingly quiet about it. This creeping silence from our unthankful world is a sign of a spreading death.

So then friends, amidst the growing graveyard, let on our lips be life! Let’s build some bandstands alongside the tall tombs and sing some happy dancing tunes. Such praise might not only mock the mourners but just might raise the dead! Such praise will give some true perspective. Such praise will lead to revelation. Such praise will testify to truth. Such praise will feed our souls. Such praise will begin to shake the heavens. Such praise will shape and shake the earth once more.

Friends it is time today, to acknowledge and praise the Living God.

Listen:- The dead do not praise the LORD, Nor any who go down into silence. But we will bless the LORD From this time forth and forevermore. Praise the LORD! Psalm 115:17-18

Pray: - Worthy Oh worthy are You Lord. Worthy to be thanked and praised and worshipped and adored. Worthy Oh worthy are You Lord. Worthy to be thanked and praised and worshipped and adored. Singing hallelujah! Lamb upon the throne, we worship and adore You, make Your glory known. Singing hallelujah! Glory to the King! You're more than a conqueror, You're Lord of everything.

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