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Dec | 05 | A constable a conspiracy an unkindness and a Raven Master


A constable, a conspiracy, an unkindness and a Raven Master

Luke 12:24
Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds. NKJV

Old legend or Victorian fancy, the story goes that as long as six Ravens stay in the Tower of London, then England shall never fall. Consequently, there are seven wing clipped beauties (six with one to spare) overseen by the Raven Master which are kept permanently in The Tower grounds. (Though rumor has it that they do occasionally go absent without leave and that ‘Raven Grog’ has even been spotted outside an East end pub!) When all seven are gathered together these supposed dark guardians of the Tower are referred to as a ‘Constable of Ravens.’

Ravens, especially young Ravens, are curious collectors of shiny objects, Indeed, some ornithologists believe this is to show their treasure off to their friends. For sure, when these scavenger carrion also find a large carcass to feed upon, a small selection of their extensive vocalization is also used to call their friends to the bonanza of a buffet currently set before them. Such calling, and such gathering, is referred to as a conspiracy of Ravens. They are up to no good!

Ravens take no thought nor show no kindness to small animals, sick baby prey, or lost little lambs. If alive or dead they will first peck the eyeballs out of the frightened feast set before them, and it also reported that if the prey is too large for either themselves or their friends to feast upon or peck wide open, they will then ‘call’ the wolves, even go get the wolves and the other ripping dogs to come and do their work for them, and then, after that, they shall feast upon the ripped open bowels and bits of brain left scattered on the grass. Ravens, you see, by their keen sense of smell, sniff out death and announce its fore-coming, and by such vicious vocalization they even hasten its onset. Such a crazed gathering, such a union of cunning malignity is called an ‘Unkindness of Ravens.’

In the Bible, God, for whatever reason, calls Ravens unclean birds neither to be used for sacrifice or for food. However, it is one of this midnight colored, gloss black birds which is utilized by Noah to test the extent of the receding flood waters, for such a clever scavenger need not perpetually return to the Ark for food. But more than their new world usefulness and well utilized fame, the Lord Himself tells us today to “consider the Ravens.” Now then, if such a restless scavenger, which is in so constant search for food to satisfy its voracious appetite, yes, if such a hoarder of sustenance, for Ravens conceal their food store and even make dummy stores to throw other robbing Ravens off the scent of where their real food is kept, yes, if such an unclean unkindness can be provided for by God Most High, then how much more will He provide for us, His most valuable and blood bought children?

It was of course the prophet Elijah, waiting by the brook Cherith who daily received his food from these same dark, iridescent, unkind and robbing Ravens. So, I say again, if God can provide for such unclean birds then He can provide for you and even utilize them to provide for you, even in the hardest of times. Maybe it’s time to move closer to the rising sun, for after all, the real Raven Master has got all your needs kept safe in His kind and most generous hand.

Listen:- And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab,"As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word." Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying, "Get away from here and turn eastward, and hide by the Brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan. And it will be that you shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there." 1 Kings 17:1-4 NKJV

Pray: -  Father, we humbly ask you today to please consider the Raven. Father you provide for them, so then Father, please provide for us. Also Great Father, Your Son our Savior, the commander of the armies of the Lord of Hosts has also sent us on a great commission and so we ask that You provision us by a multitude of Ravens, for Lord, we need more, much more than survival rations to get the job done. Oh Father, in all our present experienced unkindness’s, may we yet see Your great provision for us. Amen and let it be so.

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