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Dec | 17 | Eagles eerie and the ‘Habakkuk Hatch’


Eagles eerie and the ‘Habakkuk Hatch’

Habakkuk 1:4
Therefore the law is powerless, And justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; Therefore perverse judgment proceeds. NKJV

I used to live in Chingford Hatch, a ‘Hatch,’ being an old English word to describe a clear and open place of passing, in a densely wooded area.

http://www.66pictures.comThe law of God is holy and just and good, but unless it is honored, obeyed and enacted, it is impotent, yes, unless the law becomes the main ingredient in the mix of society, it simply becomes an impotent bystander in the affairs of men and is become irrelevant. Such is the law of God at the beginning to the 21st century.

In the West and in the USA in particular, great has been the wailing at the removal of those tablets of stone containing those ten wonderful words. The real truth, however, is that those ten commands which once undergirded the constitution, written and otherwise of former Christian nations of the world, have, by wicked men and women, long since been ‘salami sliced’ out of all forms of earthly justice. So much so, that the law of God has been made so ineffective and powerless that its child of justice has had its legs publicly amputated at the hip, and cruelly severed at the thigh.

Our lands and are immediate futures are now being shaped by manmade laws, and rotted by the cultural expedients of all things sinfully human, o ‘absolute, truth and judgment’ and forcing them from the high lands of love, to go and pollute themselves in all the lowlands of leprosy.

f all things anti-God and all things anti-Christ. The claws of incorrectness are now the midnight gouging we hear outside the doors of the last bastions of God laws, and the weeping, well, the weeping is |the ancient ghost of ’Lot,’ that old spirit of compromise and convenience, which has been conjured up among us in the church by them that know not God; those money grabbing, horn rimmed hipsters and cool touters of old heresies, who for so long took that spirit of Lot, and masqueraded him as ‘love’ and ‘live and let live’, whilst at the same time, turning out those three sentinels of sanity:

We make the law effectively powerful once more, yes, we turn the law of God into the leaven of a society gone bad and raise it back to its once so healthy height, by again living by the law of God! 

  • Can we do this where we live? It will be virtually impossible. 
  • Can we go somewhere else to do this? No. For there are no new lands left upon this globe to run to anymore, as there are no vacant hills for the building of a new Jerusalem here on earth. 
  • So then, I propose we have but three options.
The first, is to by all legal and legitimate means, boldly proclaim and brazenly practice that which the Word of God teaches. So, where we can, within our own systems of political allowability, let us with all sincerity, be the people of God and by the grace of God, seek to recover the hearts, minds and practices of societies gone so Biblically wrong. For this to happen, the pulpits and all the institutional platforms of proclamation must be bought back (there will be a great price to pay here), then the wells need to be cleared out, and their mouths opened up once more to become the silver tongued springs of solid Biblical declaration.

Where peaceful and present legitimate means become impossible, yes, where freedom of speech and exclusion from the market place of politics, education and religion become the nasty norm, then our second option is to resist, it is to revolt! It is to partition the land, it is to draw the battle lines, it is to engage in division. Two thousand years of church history has shown that for the Christian, such resistance toward division is ever a personal choice and it is usually a choice forced upon them by bloody persecution. The measure of such resistance to division and its success, will be dictated by quantity of men, money, munitions, in all its varied forms, that are available. Are we ready for such a revolution? Do we have all that we can to so succeed? Should we as Christians even try this?

The third option we have is the ‘Habakkuk Hatch:’ that is, we need to see what’s coming, we need to see the walk of Birnim wood and then wait for the clearing to appear, the space, the place of Habakkuks hatch, and there get on our knees and watch and pray. For if what is about to come upon our nation is the direct judgment of God upon a hard necked people who have made His revealed and holy law so socially impotent, then all resistance is futile! That yardstick of the laid aside law will now so frighteningly become the terrible measurement of the depth of judgment about to over flow us.

As I write, three options are still before us, only just maybe, but there are still these three. Should we ever move to option two of ‘resistance to division,’ then God will have to somehow disarm the powerful godless governments which will come against us. Without this happening, the slaughter which will follow, will make the Huguenot horror look like a picnic.

Therefore, it seems to me, that option three is maybe the only option we shall see. Let us then take our nimble feet to the high places of observation and in faith, through the coming desolation, in that space of grace provided for us amongst the war like trees, see the sword of the wicked eventually turned upon themselves. Now then, should this ever not happen, then please be assured of this: that the great and on- going gathering of 'the wood wicked' is simply fuel for the fire and tables for the purpose of abattoirial slaughter. And there will be blood: their blood, and rivers of it.

Those two tablets of the present powerless laws of God, their fleshless and unspeaking jaws lying bleached white in the sand above this godless sky, shall soon be taken up by the coming Samson-Jesus, who, with uncut hair and rampant eye, shall smite them dead with hip and thigh.

I am living in Habakkuk’s Hatch. I will not cower to godless power. Which of these three options will you be choosing today?

Listen:- Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, "Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him." Jude 14-15 NKJV

Pray: -  Lord, we have no power to resist. If we had, then so we would and so we should. But Lord, this host is in Your hand! So, have mercy upon us Your people and help us stand in the Hatch, in the space between the weeping, and proclaim Your present judgment and that only safety that is in the spear pierced side of Your Son Jesus. Take us to Your eagle’s eerie Lord today, and shelter us in Etam, even in the cleft of the rock. Amen and let it be so.

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