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Jan | 11 | That look on angel's faces


That look on angel's faces

John 1:14
And the Word became flesh … NKJV

The bread of heaven, became meat. The Word was transmuted in form whilst remaining solid in substa“For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily;” Colossians 2:9
nce, indeed, the very Logos essence clothed Himself in meat. Yet, the clothing was more than just meat and sinew, more than just bone and blood, for you see, the Word became fully man; that is, became body, soul and spirit, and yet in the so doing, still remained the fullness of the Son, and therefore without diminishment, still the very completeness of the Holy Trinity:

 This hypostatic union is the conjoining of the now two natures of the Word (God and man) in the one person of Jesus. Truly it is said then, that “without confusion, without change, without division, and without separation. Jesus is one.” Who would dare worship a mere man, any man, even a good man and even a great and a good man? No one of course. However, mankind has been able now for 2,000 years or more, to worship Jesus the God-man, the Word made flesh, even the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form.

So, looking at this great joining we can say, “God is for us!” And surely, to the infinite shock of ten trillion watching angels, when the Word actually became flesh, it could be seen that man, fallen man, sinful man, rebellious man, had now his salvation, his future and his eternal destiny forever linked to that wonder of all eternal wonders when the Word becoming flesh. So, God becoming a man, God joining Himself to his creature, in all the so doing was, in effect, raising him up to be seated at His right hand in the heavenlies with Jesus the Word, the Son of God. Therefore, I tell you, that mankind, redeemed mankind, the bride of Christ, has a future of unimaginable breadth, of unsearchable depths, of immeasurable heights of glory, capacity, propensity and immensity, that even today, the shocked angels always desire to look into. It is that look on angel’s faces which shows the greatness of the glories toward us in Christ Jesus.

In Christ, Christian brothers and sisters, we are lords of the earth. In Christ, we are Kings and priests, a holy nation. In Christ we are seated at God’s right hand. In Christ, we have an inheritance, reserved, undefiled that never fades away. So, my two questions for you today then are this:

1) Do you know that you are in Christ? 
2) And if being found in Christ, why might you be living like a worm? 

Listen:- The burning coal Azaleas Seer the seers eyes As from his weary shoulders Slips the coat of lies The portal of eternity Bejeweled with orange fire Gasps in naked wonder As Love lays down its lyre, and The warrior of Gethsemane Plants His feet Divine Atop the Mulberries of my heart Atop this creaking Pine How now my Lord, my Lord, my King Oh how shall I forget Thee? Who walked past fallen angels To come and save and get me

Pray: -  Father, again we say, behold what manner of love is this, that we should be called the sons of God! Oh that the Royal treasury would be seen to be open to me today. Oh that the family ring would be seen on my finger today. Oh that the dignity of Jesus would find its imprint on all my stepping today. Oh that the shadow of my eternity in You would cast its healing gold on all the pavements I perambulate upon. Oh Jesus help me live the life of a King both today and tomorrow. Amen.

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