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Jan | 14 | Bail Me Out or Beam Me Up!


Bail Me Out or Beam Me Up!

Ruth 4:5-6
Then Boaz said, "On the day you buy the field from the hand of Naomi, you must also buy it from Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of the dead, to perpetuate the name of the dead through his inheritance." And the close relative said, "I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I ruin my own inheritance. You redeem my right of redemption for yourself, for I cannot redeem it." NKJV

“I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I shall never leave you nor forsake you. I have purchased you with the blood of my only Son, that’s how much I love you, indeed, I have transferred you from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of my love and I have made you worthy of the inheritance of the saints in light. In my house are many mansions and one of them is prepared just for you, for you are now my own adopted Royal son. Yes! I have slain the fatted calf, I have raised you up from the ash heap and seated you with princes and at my right hand are treasures and pleasures forever more, just for you. However, regarding your overdue credit card bill mate, well, that’s your responsibility, you ‘Wally’! Get a few jobs and go work it off, or get down to the bank for a bailout loan. Fiscal responsibility! Financial consequences! Read the small print and weep my boy! No, you got yourself into this mess, not Me! You should have taken care of your own financial future, so, now suffer the consequences and learn from it. Sure, I have bailed you out from all the eternal consequences of your sin, but it’s your responsibility to bail yourself out of your own financial mess. The church and My people are not here for that. They are not here to give you a hand out or a bail out! So, get up and ‘get it sorted’ son. What do you mean there are no jobs? Go make one. Get a bucket and go wash some windows. What do you mean you were following Me? I don’t lead anyone into debt! What do you mean you needed to eat? Are you saying I didn’t provide? You should have looked for the locust’s big boy and the wild, wild honey, so, stop your whining. Oh, and don’t forget, seek My kingdom and all will be given to you. Maybe you should mediate on that, whilst you are getting yourself out of this mess of your own making...Sheesh!”

Like it or not, our free market capitalist view of God and the mad market place the church has become so connected to, puts a massive premium on fiscal success. Note well, that this God, does not do bailouts. God, after all, is not a socialist. Sure, He will bail you out of all the spiritual mire but your bank account is your own business.

God, however, is not like that. Spiritual and material, all our bank accounts are His, whether they are full or empty, black or red, they are His. He bought us, lock, stock and smoking barrel. He redeemed us in totality. All we have is His, including our debts. This is especially important for people to know in these days of financial collapse and community condemnation.

Remember, there is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, and that includes if your finances are ‘up the Swanee.

Friends, this fatherly fact is not a licence for  financial licentiousness. “What shall we continue in sin that grace may more abound” (Rom 6) . This fatherly fact is not a licence for laziness. “If a man shall not work, he shall not eat” (2 Thess 3) . However, this fatherly fact is a licence for comfort and peace. For, if God has not totally bailed us out, past present and future, then we are most mightily undone! If our spiritual and material debts of past present and future are not His, then, how gloomy the world will become. Yes, 'the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof' (Psalm 24). So, if you are destitute then you can pray that He will transfer more than enough of this His wealth into your hands. And, if we are most wonderfully wealthy, then we must ask ourselves why we have still got so much of His stuff in our hands?

The early 21st Century affords the church with an opportunity to be both ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ once more. (Acts 4:33-35) Wealth. We have it. I wonder if we will spread it among the brethren?

Listen:-  A certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, saying, "Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord. And the creditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves." 2 Kings 4:1 NKJV

Pray: - Father, deliver me from all of my debts and make me prosperous that I might be a blessing to others in Your kingdom. Amen.

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