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Jan | 24 | The dipped delights of God Most High


The dipped delights of God Most High

Song of Solomon 4:10
How fair is your love, My sister, my spouse! How much better than wine is your love, And the scent of your perfumes Than all spices! NKJV

The Holy Trinity is complete within itself. In terms of all that is needed for wholesomeness, sufficiency, perfection peace and happiness, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are, in all sense and understanding, one and complete in each other. So, in the Holy Trinity, there is nothing missing, there is no lack, there is no need for any ‘Je ne sais qua.’ Therefore, the Holy Trinity has no need to look outside of itself for satisfaction or fulfillment. I repeat then, that the Lord is one, complete and happy in every single way.

Even so, here in the Holy Bible, that revelation of the I AM, the Lord who is three in one, shows us that He finds delight in those ‘external expressions of His perfection’. In other words, all creation is that expression of His perfection in which He Himself takes great pleasure. We are created for His pleasing, you see, and therefore we can only find our completeness of creation when we are being well pleasing to Him.

Now, there are, of course, as we all know, various depths to delight. Yes there are various heights to the same. Chocolate, for example, is to me a delight. Ah, but Chocolate of a certain kind, dipped in hot milky tea simmering with a dash of bourbon and devoured with delectable and tongue licking pleasure on a cold winters night in front of a blazing log fire, well my friends, that is a whole new level of scrumptiousness! In a similar way, I think, it is evident that God also ‘experiences’ levels of delight from that expression of His perfection, which is creation at large.

Yet, despite the many pleasures which God finds in creation, the Scriptures reveal that there is but one delight outside of Himself that God the Most High sings about most of all. Yes, there is but one deep and deliciously dipped delight outside of Himself that God the Most High dreams about, eulogizes over, looks forward to, indeed, even allows His spirit to bathe long in the milk and honey bath of anticipation about, the contemplation of which seems to thrill His very heart. That singular delight dear hearts, is the passionate love of His blood bought church toward Him. Yes, outside of Himself, the church is the only thing revealed in all creation whose love delights the very heart of God.

Now then dear reader, as if I have not failed enough in describing the electron edges of this vast and deep mystery, allow me to fail a little more today, for wonder of wonders, the source of that delicious delight of our love for Him which thrills and satisfies the Most High’s heart, is no longer outside of Himself, but somehow, as expressed through the mystical imagery of water baptism and marriage, is now brought within the very Godhead and is called, the body of Christ. We, without becoming God, are now found IN HIM. Yes, we are seated WITH HIM even in the very heavenlies. That's right, all of us, as individual parts of this great body the church, are in Him and He is in us.

Christian friend, today you will either bring pain or pleasure to the very heart of God, for the workings of either sin or love being expressed under this present foul and setting sun can do no other. Look you; as a wife may satisfy and please her husband with every part of who she is, with every expression of how she is, with the kind intent of every thought and action that she does, so we today, shall do the same to God. Or not.

On the tippitoe shores of this great mystery, with the quick shoes of the journey removed from our feet, standing with the trouser legs of our understanding rolled up to our knees and holding the smelly socks of imperfection in our own right hand, the warm waters of this great contemplation lap now around our souls and tenderly tickle our ten so very little toes. Feeling this therefore, know now this one great thing: We, the church, are God’s supreme delight. Let us then make sure we live to please Him both today and every day to come.

Listen:- No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. 2 Timothy 2:4 NKJV

Pray: -  Father, we see though dark glass. Father, we gaze at the future through even darker mists of misconception and misunderstanding, even through all the craziness of our great confusions. Father, it is only Your Word, which brings us light, and when we catch a glimpse of the coming glories of we Your church, then our spirits long for the then to become the now. Father grant us this day, a sip from the cup of Your great delight in us, that we might walk taller, that we might step stronger, that we might breath more easily in the knowledge of Your great delight in us, that we might walk taller, that we might step stronger, that we might breath more easily in the knowledge of Your great love for us, so that we truly can live this present life in a manner which is so very pleasing to You. Amen and amen.

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