Friday, July 27, 2012

Jul | 27 | His Way of Walking

Key Word:- PEACE

Title:- His Way of Walking

Genesis 3:8 And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day

So this is interesting. God is heard before He is seen, when He walks in the garden of His making. So we need to ask the question, what sound does God make when He walks in our garden? What are the audible indicators of His approach? Adam and Eve new the sound of every creature that walked the woods of their abode and God’s arrival was distinct among His creation. How can we learn to mark the sound of His appearing in the garden of our hearts, hear Him walking in the grounds of our spirit, smell Him in Freesia’d fragrance of the wet rains of our troubled souls? Indeed, what does His knock at the door of our soul sound like? We should know. Shouldn’t we?

This is more important than we realize. You see I am a man of words. I love them. I expect to hear God speak in words. I even believe in the primacy and power of the proclaimed Word! Yet God speaks in other ways as well and I miss them. He speaks in quiet looks, in careful colours, old friends, muses in movies, in knowing sounds, and in oh so many other ways. Oh, me thinks we all might miss so much, so very much indeed concerning the voice of the Lord.

Be sure friends this particular arrival in our text for tonight was not a voice, but a sound. The voice came later in searching pleas for the shamed and hidden Adam and Eve. Before the voice though there came simply the sound of His arrival and it was that time of day, amidst all the other sounds that this one sound was known and expected. I say again, do you know the sound of your Saviour walking in your garden?

I suspect it was the best of walking, you know, barefoot walking, His spirit, soul and flesh touching the naked earth. It was a knowing touch, a communicating contact of holy footprints, it was evidence of His being there; it was choice walking, it was weighty walking that only true uprightness brings and yet light walking, you know, enough to tread the storm tossed waves of water and not sink, for this walking is Divine my friend, this walking is distinct! This walk I wonder, was not to the accompanying rumble of thunder and lightning crack, no trumpet proclamation here of approaching judgment and doom, but maybe a walking accompanied with such a gentle singing, that it trembled open the revealing leaves before it. Maybe it was the sound of tinkling water, a flute or singing harp that paints in our hearts a water's brook, caressing smooth pebbles backed by the sound of a distant deepness and the faint murmur of a giant powerful gushing waterfall. Ah yes, He leads me beside still waters. Ah yes, deep calls to deep at the noise of Your waterfalls……

Maybe this kind of walking is a walking that carries something with it. For God is no unpleasant guest, He always arrives with something good. The best of bread, the sweetest of wine and the choicest of dainties on which we might dine. Maybe the swish of His picnic basket is also heard amongst the trees? Yes, He prepares a table for us even in the middle of our enemies.

Surely then, the approaching sound of God in the good garden of the regenerate soul, is the sound of such a walking? The sound that brings with it the singing favour of fresh food and rest, comfort, comfort and of joy, the best. The best, the best, the very best indeed.Tell me, have you heard Him walking in the gardens of your spirit just lately?

Listen:- The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah3:17 
Pray: I did not expect you to arrive this way, but Lord I look and wait today, for the sound of goodness  arriving in my poor garden. Amen.

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